Just like tax day last week, there seem to be a lot of discounts, coupons and deals today. But why?…What’s so special about April 20th? Whether we know or not, why not take advantage of these many savings today!

In case you haven’t seen any listed in your local newspaper’s daily deals or your daily newsfeed in your email or social media alerts, we’ve got a list of some of our favorites below:

1. Breakfast, Brunch or Brinner: Today only our favorite fast-food breakfast joint will be serving breakfast all day long. So if you didn’t have time to pick up your usual egg-white McMuffin this morning before work, you can get one on your way home from work!

2. Pizza for All: Domino’s pizza has an offer for $4.20 in honor of today’s date. Just be sure to order your pizza by a certain time…can you guess what time? 4:20!

3. 4/20 Themed 4/20 Specials: In case you haven’t figured out the significance of 4/20, I’m sure it’s popped up under your trending topics on Twitter and Google Trends. Hungry for more specials? You’ll love these 4/20-themed food and drink specials to celebrate.

Enjoy your 4/20 and we’ll chat with you tomorrow!