What’s Upcoming for 2019?

by Dec 10, 2018

As the year comes to a close we are already pitching long lead magazines for their Feb/March issues and looking ahead into 2019. While we look at the year ahead we are looking at what WE need to bring to the table to help our clients bring their brands to the next level. What is upcoming for Mugsy in the next year? 

  1. Development of more micro-influencer events
  2. Increased integration of A.R. and V.R. into press outreach
  3. More measurements for R.O.I. for clients to see the true value of PR
  4. Development of stronger media relationships for more OFFLINE contact
  5. Use of automated tools for administrative work to allow us more time for client content curation and community management

We also look forward to bringing the unique Mugsy brand of seminars, workshops and presentations to companies and events across the country in 2019! Find out more about what we offer as keynote speakers, corporate trainers and publicists / social media strategists by visiting the Mugsy PR website or contacting us at info@mugsypr.com.