Last night Enchanted was on the Disney Channel. If you haven’t seen this movie, I actually recommend it. As a child or an adult, it is pretty darn cute. The main premise is about an animated Disney-like Princess who is searching for her heart’s desire and gets pushed into a vortex that sends her to NYC as a real human being.

Watching it I thought about how many times myself and others have felt like that. To be searching for your heart’s desire (success, stability, love, etc) and you find yourself in a confusing vortex, unlike anything you’ve known before.

It is frightening to try something new and push yourself (mentally or physically) beyond where you have gone before. The concept of “fake it til you make it” is all fine and dandy, but faking it gets exhausting. When it all feels overwhelming, it helps to know that in the end you will always find yourself stronger for pushing out of your comfort zone. Outside the boundaries you create for yourself is where life becomes enchanted.

Every person starting a new job, a new day of school, or anything new (hello, entrepreneurs!) has felt the same way when breaking the confines of their own boundaries. Here are a few quotes to help inspire all of you in the vortex today!

comfort 3

comfort 4

comfort 5