Where in the World…

by May 14, 2019

We are IN season at Mugsy with team members all over the world this month. We just got back from Arkansas on Sunday and now today we have people in Florida, California, New York, Illinois, and Cannes.

While technology makes it easy to stay in touch with one another, when you’re up all hours and pitching to three different time zones, how do you stay organized with the full team, especially when you wake up in a hotel room in the middle of the night asking “where am I today?”.

Here at Mugsy we rely on Trello, Slack and Google Drive to keep on top of all work items and connect with one another while we are all on the road, and we ALL have an app on our phone that has all the international clocks so that we don’t accidentally call one another in the middle of the night.

We tend to stick to WhatsApp and email for conversations, Zoom for video chat and often messaging through Slack as well, but in the end you only know what you know, and we don’t know everything – so know it is YOUR turn.

What is new out there? What are we missing? What do YOU use to keep your team organized? We want to know! Leave a comment and let’s chat!