Without The Rain, There Would Be No Rainbows…

by May 5, 2015

It has been pouring here in South Florida for the last two days, and though I keep hearing how much everyone hates the rain, it is my favorite type of weather. In the office I prefer to see rain over sunny skies because I know I’m not missing a beautiful day outside. And when I have to go out, I get to use an umbrella, which if you do it right – is just another fashion accessory.

An umbrella can be iconic and memorable (think “Singing in the Rain”, “Mary Poppins”, or if you watched “How I Met Your Mother” – the yellow umbrella), and I think the umbrella you choose says a lot about you. Here are my top five favorites.

1. With yesterday being Star Wars Day (“May The Fourth” be with you) and today of course then being “Revenge of the Fifth”, I had to include my favorite Star Wars umbrella – in the form of Darth Vader’s lightsaber (also available for Han and Yoda fans too). 

Darth umbrella

2. For the social media enthusiast on the go! Not on the market yet, but Pileus is the one and only “Internet Umbrella”. Pileus allows the user to take photos and video from the umbrella and upload directly to Flickr and YouTube as well as view content from the  sites with a flick of the wrist.


3. When you work in PR, your hands are typically full. On a regular basis you will see me outside walking from place to place with a cell phone, car keys, to-go cup of coffee, a box of event supplies and who knows what else. Add into that the days I have to grab groceries, walk the dog, or you know, hold my man’s hand, and there is no room for an umbrella. Welcome the Shoulderbrella.


4. These umbrellas are simply because sometimes you want to just feel like a bad ass… (via Materious)


5. But most times, I just want to be Mugsy (via Amazon).