Working for the Weekend

by Apr 17, 2015

It is Friday. I was asked to go out with friends tonight. We have a client event, so I declined, and was called out for working too much. I let it go, but it continued to bother me, and here is why. I can’t understand…What is wrong with loving to work?


We have a great work-life balance here at Mugsy. I see my friends and family often, I live for Netflix marathon weekends (next up – House of Cards), and I even take a vacation every once in a while, but while doing all of that, my brain is still plotting publicity stunts and finding good angles for every piece of news I hear.

I love the chase of a media hit. I find zen in the multitude of social media graphs and analytics that we look at every day. I wake up excited to see what new ideas the team has come up with, and I thrive on the absolute exhilaration of opening and running a business successfully for over two years (plus everything in the photo collage above took place in the last 30 days!).

Today I happily declare, “I Love To Work.” If you agree, comment below and tell us why you love your job!

We can’t be the only crazy ones happy to be working on a Friday!