I’m a native Floridian. Hence…I am an East Coast girl. Whenever I’m driving around (and not using my Google maps), I always know what direction I’m headed based on the location of the ocean. The ocean is always on the East to me!

This week I’m out West and I’m all turned around! I don’t know which way is up and my body is still on East Coast time.

Even though I’m a little discombobulated, there is a lot to like about being out West.


For instance:

1. I’m on vacation in Vegas!

2. I’m 3 hours behind everyone on the east coasts (so don’t tell me what’s going to happen today!).

3. I’ve got a view of the dessert mountains.

4. I’ve won $19 so far!

5. You can’t be the sights (and sounds) of the strip!

6. Even though it’s over 100 degrees in the middle of the day, there’s no humidity and my hair has never looked better!

7. There’s never a dull moment, but there is way too much to choose from to do!


The best part is much like when I’m on the East Coast, I wake up at 7am everyday and check my emails just to stay in the loop and see what’s going on. There’s no such thing as taking a total vacation for me….I just can’t do it. Waking up and seeing my trusty computer on the hotel room desk is a comforting sight!