You Have the Right To Remain Silent….But First….

by Aug 19, 2015

“Let me take a selfie.”

The word selfie didn’t exists a few years ago, but now it is in our day-to-day vocabulary, our pop culture lexicon and now, even in legal books.

A Tennessee man is being held in a  Chattanooga jail as a “fugitive from NY” after climbing the Brooklyn Bridge and taking a selfie, posting the pic on Instagram.

This is becoming a new trend, with people using selfie sticks and other accessories to get the most daring shots. From selfies during the Bull Run in Spain to Lake Tahoe bear selfies and more, the selfie craze is going to the extreme.

More info on the Mashable website.

Have you ever take a daring selfie? Post it in the comments below so we can see it! What are YOUR views on this new trend?